The 4 packages listed below are a great place to start.  They were specifically designed to document the wedding of your dreams while still fitting within a wide range of filming styles and budgets.  

All Afterglow Packages include the first 1.5 consecutive hours of filming coverage, but you can easily add more time. The final edit of every package includes your complete ceremony, and all primary events, such as toasts, speeches, and first dance.

Every wedding is unique, so we also make it simple to create a custom package that perfectly suits your needs.  You can easily mix and match our services below. The variables that affect a custom quote are the numbers of hours filmed, the number of crew members, and package enhancements.



DIAMOND PACKAGE  -  2 Camera Operators & Wedding Film

The Diamond Package features a 7 - 10 minute beautifully produced segment known as a Wedding Film.  Heart-felt dialogue from your wedding day is seamlessly woven together with moving music and gorgeous highlights of your celebration to tell the story of your love. Parts of the narrative are typically drawn from the vows, speeches, and inspirational words from the minister, family and friends. You receive your Wedding Film as individual file that can easily be shared on social media.                

You also have the option of ordering the Wedding Feature Film (custom quote), which is an expanded version of the Wedding Film that is 15 to 20 minutes in length. It often includes pre-filmed segments, such as cinematic shots of writing a love letter to each other with narrative expressing your passion and dreams for the future.  It could also tell the story of your courtship, or include photos and video from your growing up years.  This is where your own unique style and creativity can shine by expressing the moments of love that brought you together.


GOLD PACKAGE  -  2 Camera Operators & Highlight Montage

The Gold Package features a complete wedding Highlight Montage.  This is a beautifully edited 4 - 5 minute segment focuses on the most magical moments of your entire celebration, all set to your favorite music.  This is something that you're going to love to share with your family and friends, as it highlights the essence of your entire wedding day in one enchanting bite.  You receive your Highlight Montage as individual file that can easily be shared on social media.              

The Gold Package has two camera operators which dramatically enhances the production value of your wedding video.  One camera operator is limited to one point of view, while two camera operators offer multiple vantage points to tell the story of your wedding.  You get close up shots, which capture all the details and emotion, as well as wide views, which complete the big picture of your wedding celebration. 


SILVER PACKAGE  -  1 Camera Operator & Highlight Montage

The Silver Package also features a beautifully edited Highlight Montage, as described above, and one camera operator that films from a single point of view.  You'll get solid documentation of your entire wedding with perfect audio, and you'll really enjoy reliving your special moment in a way photos alone can never do. 


CRYSTAL PACKAGE  -  1 Camera Operator

Our best budget option, the Crystal Package includes one camera operator and light editing.  You receive great coverage of your entire wedding ceremony, as one continuous shot, as well as all primary events, like toasts, first dance, and speeches. The Crystal Package contains no wedding Highlight Montage, and is filmed from one point of view.



AERIAL DRONE CINEMATOGRAPHY  -  1 hour with a dedicated operator

A bird's eye view of your wedding is simply amazing!   Our FAA licensed drone operator will film gorgeous setting shots of your location before the wedding begins, and shots immediately after your ceremony, like an aerial family photo or romantic couple's shots. 

Don't hesitate to get creative, as the sky is the limit for what you can do!  We don't recommend flying a drone during the ceremony because the faint buzzing sound can be a little annoying, but the drone can take off right after you say 'I DO!', and catch you walking out. 



The 15 minute flight option is perfect to catch your aerial family photo after the wedding, as well as a few romantic and scenery shots from above.    



 Film your wedding in the morning and share it with additional guests at the evening reception.

Same day edits require a custom estimate because there are several variables to consider, such as the window of time between the ceremony and reception, as well as the length of the finished edit.

A rushed delivery is sometimes needed as well, such as when you have a small Maui wedding but then fly back home for a big reception.  There are many variables involved, so it's best to get a custom quote to fit your unique situation.



This is the perfect way to share the story of your love at your wedding reception.  Most slide shows begin with photos of the growing up years, then progress to highlights of your courtship.  Your family and friends will be delighted to see how your love bloomed!   A 5 to 6 minute slide show usually includes about 72 photos (12 photos per minute).



Premiere your custom slideshow or same day edit with our 10' professional screen and super bright projector. We take care of everything for you, including  setup/breakdown, and playing your digital files from our computer system.

You may also want to consider a club style visual light show for your reception as well.  We have video projections to enhance any theme or dance party, such as Hawaiian Tiki, Bollywood, vintage, or disco.



Share your complete video with friends and relatives right away!  Just forward your guests the link we provide an they can watch your wedding anytime on their smart phone, tablet or TV.  This option also includes download links you can give to anyone you choose.



All Afterglow Packages include a polished, edited copy of your wedding video.  However,  you don't see every second of each camera angle in the final edit, a 2nd take, or extra footage that just didn't make the cut.  There are often many beautiful moments in the unedited footage you may want to see, or even a blooper or two.  You also pull great still shots from the footage as single frames.  

You receive your unedited footage on a large capacity USB stick delivered right to your home.