Afterglow Weddings Maui realizes that every wedding is unique so we make it easy to create a custom package that perfectly suits your needs.  Tell us your vision and we’ll produce a stunning visual memory that will expand your love with every viewing.   Above all, we are storytellers, and combine world class cinematography and a passion for film-making to produce a gorgeous wedding video that will be cherished for generations to come.

We have four different package types to choose from.  Other variables that affect the quote are the numbers of hours filmed, the number of crew members, and package enhancements.  Please contact us directly for further details.


Our best budget option, the Crystal Package includes 1 camera operator and light editing.  You'll get a solid documentation of your entire wedding with perfect audio, and you'll really enjoy reliving your special moment in a way photos alone can never do.


The Silver Package includes one camera operator and detailed editing.  The primary feature of this package is the Highlight Montage, which is a beautifully edited piece that features the most magical moments of your entire celebration set to your favorite music.  This is something that you're going to love to share with your family and friends, as it highlights the essence of your wedding day in one enchanting bite.


The Gold Package includes two camera operators which dramatically enhances the production value of your wedding video, as well as the Highlight Montage and detailed editing.  In short, one camera operator is limited to one point of view, while two camera operators offer multiple vantage points to tell the story of your wedding.  You get close up shots, which capture all the details and emotion, as well as wide views, which complete the big picture of your wedding celebration.  The Gold Package is highly recommended for all weddings with guests, even if it's just a few.

DIAMOND PACKAGE - The Wedding Film

The Diamond Package features a 7 - 10 minute beautifully produced segment known as a Wedding Film.  Heart-felt dialogue from your wedding day is seamlessly woven together with moving music and gorgeous highlights of your celebration to tell the story of your love. Parts of the narrative are typically drawn from the vows, speeches, and inspirational words from the minister, family and friends.

You also have the option of ordering the Wedding Feature Film, which is an expanded version of the Wedding Film that is 15 to 20 minutes in length. It often includes pre-filmed segments, such as cinematic shots of writing a love letter to each other with narrative expressing  your passion and dreams for the future.  It could also tell the story of your courtship, or photos and video from your growing up years.  This is where your own unique style and creativity can shine by expressing the moments of love that brought you together.




• Aerial drone cinematography - Get an amazing bird's eye view of your wedding!

• Same Day Edit - Film your wedding in the morning and share it with guests that evening.

• Custom Slide Show - Features childhood and courtship photos that show how your love bloomed.

• Projector and Screen at Reception - Premiere your custom slideshow or same day edit with our professional screen and projector, or have custom visuals for your dance party celebration.

• Password Protected Internet Streaming - Share your entire wedding video with all your guests right way!   This option also includes download links you can give to anyone you choose.

• Unedited Footage - Includes every second of video from every camera angle delivered on a USB stick.





A picture is worth a thousand words, but a moving picture chronicles every moment of your celebration in living sound and color, and captures so many beautiful memories that a still camera will miss.  You’ll get a completely different perspective of your wedding day, including many magical events that you didn’t even see (or barely  remember) in the excitement of it all.  Trust me, it’s a blur! 


You’ll absolutely love watching your wedding video every year on your anniversary.  Many couples have told me this practice keeps their love fresh and alive!  


Your video will be a treasured heirloom for years to come.  It’s a piece of family history that your children and grandchildren will learn from and enjoy. Wouldn't you be completely fascinated by watching your parents or grandparents wedding video, which also features all of your family members, loved ones and friends?  It's one of the few times that everyone is together, and you'll have fun admiring your hair style and fashion sense of long ago.


Your wedding video (and especially highlight montage) lets you share your love, vows and music with family and friends around the world who couldn’t make it to Hawaii for your special day.  You’ll love the rave reviews when you post your spectacular highlight montage on Facebook!   Pictures are great, but moving pictures make your relatives feel like they are right there beside you.


Couples who didn't get a wedding video list that as one of their biggest regrets in post-wedding surveys. You only get married once, and Afterglow Weddings Maui has a video that is priced to fit within any budget.


Some smart phones have amazing picture quality under perfect conditions, but there is no substitute for
professional audio. If you hear the vows at all over the crackling wind your voice will sound miles away. Then there's very annoying camera shake, problematic auto-focus and exposure, and a host of other things that can and probably will go wrong if you rely on a smart phone.