Q: How many camera operators should film my wedding?

A:  The primary difference between having one, two or three camera operators film your wedding is production quality.  There is a big difference between what a single operator and a crew can do, and it's important to understand those differences so you can choose the package that's right for you.

ONE CAMERA OPERATOR: One camera does a nice job filming from one angle, and it's a great option if you are on a budget. You get a solid shot of your wedding with perfect audio, and you'll really enjoy watching all the love and magic in a way that photos alone can never do. However, one camera does have limitations you should be aware of.  One camera can't capture a close-up, medium shot, and setting shot all at once, and must zoom in and out to change framing.  Your wedding is filmed from one vantage point, and you can't cut to another angle if something unexpected happens, like a guest walking in front of the camera. 

TWO CAMERA OPERATORS: Two camera operators dramatically enhances production quality.  Each camera can change framing on the fly to focus on what's important at that moment, as well as adjust for anything unexpected.  You get close up shots, which capture all the details and emotion, as well as wide shots all at once, which complete the big picture of your wedding celebration. I highly recommend two camera operators for every wedding, for at least the ceremony.

Double the coverage, from multiple vantage points, allows you to film two locations at once.  One camera operator is free to document your carefully chosen setting, and guests arriving, while a 2nd team member can film you getting ready, or other important details.  Last but not least, it takes a significant amount of time to set up cameras, mics and audio.  If you only have one camera operator, no filming is happening during the setup process, or when cameras need to be moved. With two camera operators one person is always filming while the other crew member is setting up the gear, which really expands the coverage.

THREE CAMERA OPERATORS: Three camera operators tells the complete story of your wedding in the best way possible.  Adding a third camera to the mix allows you to film guests reactions, like the tears of joy from your mom as you say 'I do', or the laughter of your friends during a toast or speech.  You can also cut between close-ups of the various speakers, and get coverage of all the important angles simultaneously.  Our top-notch production team communicates with wireless headsets, which ensure everyone is at the right place at the right time, and nothing is missed. You'll be delighted with the results, and the Hollywood production quality that a three camera shoot achieves.