Aloha!  Thank you for visiting Afterglow Weddings Maui, and congratulations on your upcoming marriage!  It would be an honor and a pleasure to tell the story of your wedding with the art of moving pictures.  I'm always emotionally moved and inspired whenever I witness such a magical day in the lives of my clients. 

Your wedding is one of the most beautiful days of your life, and it's my goal to make your wedding video equally extraordinary.  I'm also a film-maker, professional artist and designer by trade, and I take great pride in capturing the laughter, passion, tears of joy and electric excitement that you feel in the most visually stunning way possible.  The technical quality of your video will be superb, as I use all the latest gear, but it's the attention to detail and storytelling that really counts.  I love to find out what you adore about each other on camera, and I also give your family and friends an opportunity to express their best wishes as well, which is always very moving.

I absolutely love filming weddings, and I find great joy in getting to know the couples I work with personally, and providing them with a heart-warming, inspirational video that will be a pleasure to watch for years to come.  I'm a friendly, fun loving and very easy going guy, as well as a hopeless romantic, and my clients always tell me they feel immediately comfortable and at ease with me behind the camera.  Whether you are having a simple beach ceremony or are planning an epic day full of festivities, I’ll be right there with you to create a stunning visual memory that will expand your love with every viewing.

Celebrate good times, and may your love shine bright!


Much Warm Aloha,

Douglas DeBoer

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Jessica and Doug's Engagement Photos

Jessica and Doug's Engagement Photos